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The difference between how Italians & Americans view wine: poop
9 HRS AGO - From the department of “reductive reasoning” (winemakers will get the joke)… Expand
Highlights from the Wine & Culinary Forum, Barcelona (2)
13 HRS AGO - Ferran Centelles presenting at the Wine & Culinary Forum So here are more highlights from the Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
EASCA Tasting at Cambridge Wine Merchants
1 DAY AGO - A tasting of classic European wines with Cambridge ICAEW students at Cambridge Wine Expand
The Cambridge Wine Blogger
Shared by Cambridge Wine Blogger, The
Cult BBQ with J.C. Reid, leading ‘cue commentator & connoisseur
1 DAY AGO - Above: BBQ waits for no one at Cork Screw BBQ in Spring, Texas, where the line begins to form at 8 Expand
Notes on wines from the 30th Cape Winemakers Guild Auction
3 DAYS AGO - The Cape Winemakers Guild was formed in 1982, and its first auction in 1985 involved 13 Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
Riesling Revival Continues
4 DAYS AGO - Hamish Anderson’s Telegraph review of three Rieslings leapt to the top of the latest Expand
Recently on the main wineanorak site
5 DAYS AGO - For the benefit of those who just visit this blog, some recent articles from the main Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
London Cru's First Wines Released
5 DAYS AGO - London Cru’s SW6 wines at their Earl’s Court Winery. Well not exactly, but London Expand
L’shanah tovah, yall…
6 DAYS AGO - May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year… It was the best of years, it was Expand
Portugal’s Arroz Carolino: The Native Rice of Portuguese Gastronomy
6 DAYS AGO - When I moved to Portugal, I was dumbfounded by the amount of rice I consumed. Why? Because rice is Expand
Why not Take a Look at Overlooked Wines?
11 HRS AGO - We like to help bring your attention to wines that we think deserve it but might not always Expand
Stout-Battered Smoked Haddock & Chips
14 HRS AGO - It's officially Autumn and the nights are starting to draw in. And what's synonymous with colder Expand
Some highlights from the 2nd Wine and Culinary Forum in Barcelona (1)
1 DAY AGO - Yesterday the 2nd edition of the Wine and Culinary Forum was held in Barcelona. I was here to give Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
Learning to Love Sprouts
1 DAY AGO - We all hear people say – including sometimes ourselves perhaps – that we Expand
Two from Niepoort: Bairrada and Dão
4 DAYS AGO - Douro star Dirk Niepoort has branched out in recent years, acquiring vineyards in Dão (Quinta da Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
Event Review: Cocktails in the City London
4 DAYS AGO - Back at the end of July I had a sneak peek of the Cocktails in the City event in Expand
Friday Feature Photo: The Natural Beauty of Asturias
5 DAYS AGO - Photographer: Francisco Domínguez Capture Date: November 18, 2012 Location: Valgrande Pajares Expand
BOOM: Bourbon & Coke Beef Brisket Recipe
5 DAYS AGO - Let’s not beat around the bush, we all love Bourbon; be it on the rocks, in an old fashioned, or Expand
Scottish Independence: Glenfarclas 15yr
6 DAYS AGO - Well, the votes have been counted, the news is in and this kingdom is continue as a united, yet Expand
Collectable (& very affordable) Colares
6 DAYS AGO -   I’m on wine travels in Lisboa all this week with the Blend All About Wine team. Expand
Wine & Culinary forum: the Primum Familiae Vini tasting
12 HRS AGO - The Primum Familiae Vini are an association of top European wine domaines, and we were treated to Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
Taste a favorite Prosecco (Colfòndo) with me in So. Cal. in October
1 DAY AGO - Above: no, thankfully, I won’t be performing any Air Guitar at the tastings. There will be Expand
Date night Houston with Tracie P, fantastic conch ceviche & groovy Bourgogne blanc
1 DAY AGO - It’s not easy finding “alone” time for parents with small children like us. But Expand
A Love Letter to Sherry…Wine
1 DAY AGO - Who’s Sherry? Are you seriously leaving Barcelona for southwest Andalusia? Expand
Children of a lesser Brett: in defense of Negroamaro @GianniCantele @WineSurf @CanteleWines
4 DAYS AGO - Please check out my post today for my client Cantele. In response to a plaintive op-ed about Expand
A visit & a vertical: Staniford Wines, Great Southern
4 DAYS AGO -   My recent trip to Western Australia uncovered a heap of new talent.  Michael Staniford can Expand
Loire Masterclass at Berry's
5 DAYS AGO - A Loire Masterclass at Berry's with Martin Hudson MW The Loire has a quality that is not very Expand
The Cambridge Wine Blogger
Shared by Cambridge Wine Blogger, The
Some remarkable older wines: 1937 Noval Colheita, 1975 Deutz and a 1919 Sherry
6 DAYS AGO - Three nice older bottles opened at the Gonzalez Byass 10th anniversary dinner last Expand
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
Shared by Wine Anorak, The
Monthly Merchant: Break out the British Bubbly
6 DAYS AGO - Photo by the wonderful Kasia Burke PhotographyIt's over to Tasting Room Bath - our Wine Merchant Expand
Chemin de Moscou 2008, Domaine Gayda
7 DAYS AGO - Domaine Gayda Chemin de MoscouThis was a gift from a wine contact after a tasting and had been Expand
The Cambridge Wine Blogger
Shared by Cambridge Wine Blogger, The

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